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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hello reader,

I should probably give an explanation regarding this separate blog when I already write for one. This may especially look a trifle confounding given that my posts on movies are most frequent there.

1.) That blog is not just for movies. However, I have a growing sense of desperation regarding my own tendencies to choose cinema when I can (possibly should, too) treat other subjects of equal or more importance there. After all, as anyone who has been sufficiently close to me will say, films are not my only passion (if, admittedly, the biggest). And neither are they the only thing I like talking about. I wish to have a certain variety in the subjects discussed there. (Cynical note: not that it matters a lot anyway, I have meagre readership.)

2.) I realise that not all my posts on films are of the same quality; in fact, a few of them are distinctly unreadable. The problem is that there is an unconscious obligation somewhere that I must write complete reviews, when in fact sometimes I only wish to express a few random notes or observations without a proper narrative flow; almost staccato in nature. That my thought process and expression are not on the same level results in a bad fallout on paper.

3.) Of late, I have been watching a lot of movies one after another. A separate post for each of them can make my other blog acquire the look of being hijacked by a movie-maniac! :D Hence... When I wish to say something about films, I'll write in as may seem fit. The posts here may be short, medium or long; orderly, sensible and deep or otherwise.

4.) I have a growing inclination to discuss technique. My previous movie-posts almost exclusively treat cinematic theme. That aberration must be set right.

Let's see if this works out. If I can keep a personal promise of giving this blog sufficient attention for an initial period, it is sure to stay. I had a music-blog for sometime and never really cared much for it: leaving it to oblivion after a single post. My music reviews lack any real critique; they are just opinions and personal emotions on hearing a song/album. In the case of cinema, that's different. I understand something of the grammar and form of filmmaking, not just a few overview kind-of opinions.

Hoping this one stays. I'll write about this blog on the other one if the promise stated above is not violated. Meanwhile, if any day, you stumble upon this and like it, spread the word! :)

P.S.: Some of the posts here may be cross-posted, as I see necessary. And I'm also looking forward to importing some of the better reviews out there.

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